The sweetest fruit, much more than fruit

We are certified producers and distributors of top brand: Pink Lady®.

What we do

We produce and market cherries, apricots, peaches, flat peach , nectarine, plum, flat nectarine, pear and apple.

AIn addition, fruilar is producer and distributor  approved Pink Lady® brand and member of the Association Pink Lady® Europea.

For the title Pink Lady® is required to comply with conditions based on strict criteria. An independent audit (Bureau Veritas) ensures constant quality and perfect traceability of apples chosen.

Pink Lady® is demanding and requires optimal conditions for its development: a good exposure, a nice moderate amplitude maximum thermal autumn.

The speed of sorting lines is reduced from 20 to 30%, compared to other varieties of apples. The scanner and the eye of the expert manipulators, detect the slightest default save only the highest quality apples deserve the appeal  Pink Lady®.

fruilar quefem00

hectareas fruilar01


600 hectares of crop

produccion fruilar02


15.000 tons per year

exportacion fruilar03


Mainly in Northern Europe and Latin America.

instalaciones fruilar04


24.000 m2 in Industrial Park El Segre

trabajadores fruilar05


We generate direct employment to 80 people and indirectly to 24 families.
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