A productive alliance with half a century of experience

Fruilar is the result of the union of 24 farming families in the province of Lleida from half a century ago produced and sold 15 million kilograms of fruit worldwide.

Our company

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Fruilar is an agrarian society of transformation (SAT)  producer and marketer of fruit established in 1965 by 11 producing families of Lleida. Now a days, Fruilar is comprised  24 families which cultivate a total of 600 hectares in plantations located in 12 villages of the region of Segrià, Pla d'Urgell and Aragonese border.

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Factor that differentiates our fruit is based on the climate. The plantations are located in the place of Catalonia where there are more hours of cold, mainly due to long periods of winter fog. In fact we are in the fruit producing area of Spain with more hours of cold. This causes the rest of the tree is the longest of all the state and determines the quality of our stone fruit respect of any supply European.

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